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About Us.

Who are we and what do we do?

RudyAt MaruCom we believe that everyone should have access to top quality, high speed internet at a price they can afford. It´s why I started our business in 2004 and why we continue to grow and evolve.
Rudy Puister, Founder and CEO

Who are we?

We are a local company, based in Castalla offering internet and telephone services using the latest wifi technology.

A little history

MaruCom began in 2004 as a service for a small community of neighbours who were without fixed lines for their telephone and internet. Over the following years we expanded our coverage little by little so that now we can provide the entire valley with a quality internet service.

From the start, it has been important to us to adapt our network to changing technology and advances in the telecommunications market in order to provide our clients with the growing demand for bandwidth. We are proud that our network now uses the latest wireless technology coupled to the best fibre optic network available. It goes without saying that we are always looking forward to meet the changing needs of our clients.

What do we do?

  • We provide high quality internet using the latest technology available.
  • We provide internet in most rural areas of the valley as well as the towns of Ibi, Onil, Castalla and Tibi.
  • We enjoy the challenge of connecting clients to the internet in remote areas that other providers won´t serve.
  • We allow our clients to choose how much data they download – we don´t set data limits.
  • We provide economic solutions for communities who then can share the costs of installation and the monthly charges.
  • We provide companies who need a litte “extra” with high upload capacity or full symmetric lines.
  • We provide telephone lines with unlimited National and EU calls and options to purchase mobile calls at a small extra charge.
  • Our service is independent of other networks (Telefonica, Vodafone or other wireless operators) and we can therefore adapt to changes and technical improvements much more quickly.
  • We are local, friendly and able to offer fast technical assistance in your language.
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