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Our most frequently asked questions answered...

We will try wherever possible to use an existing TV mast to place our antenna but if this is not possible we will fit a small pole onto the roof or a bracket onto a chimney. From the antenna there will be a cable that will go into your house and this will plug into a wifi router.
Yes. We do charge for the installation and this will depend on the type of property and on the tariff that you choose. You will be advised what this will be before we carry out the installation.
No you do not. If you have a desktop computer or a laptop that you use at your desk and no other devices, then the antenna cable will connect straight to your desktop or laptop. If you do have several wireless devices i.e tablets, smartphone, e-reader then you will need a wifi router to connect all of these devices to the internet.
Normally speaking no. The only “limit” will be on the speed of your connection being shared between all of your devices if they are all being used at the same time.
No. We do not limit the amount of data you download and we trust our clients to adhere to a “fair-use” policy across our network.
Minimum contract period is 12 months + 1 month notice.
Installation charges are payable to the technician on the day of installation. Monthly payments are made in advance and are due on the first day of the month.

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