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Terms and Conditions.


  1. The service uses a wireless signal. MaruCom will do all possible to ensure that clients receive the best possible signal at their location but there is no guarantee that the speeds advertised will be available at their location.
  2. MaruCom uses the latest technology possible to avoid interference across radio channels from other users and providers. As the use of wireless devices grows it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent interference from other wireless channels especially in heavily populated areas. In the event that a client experiences such interference, MaruCom can only advise and help the client to resolve the problem.
  3. MaruCom is responsible for the proper working of the internet connection up to the place where the antenna cable enters the house. Any devices attached to this ‘connection’ such as wifi-routers are subject to the manufacturer’s standard warranty. MaruCom follows the manufacturers or wholesaler’s terms and conditions for 3rd party devices provided by MaruCom. Most devices come with a guarantee period of 12 months
  4. MaruCom is not responsible for damages to a client’s property or 3rd party devices and/or other (inter-)networking devices due to mishandling, forces of nature (incl. lightning strikes, rain, high winds etc) or any other incident that is not caused directly by the actions of a MaruCom employee.
  5. MaruCom is responsible for the outdoor installation, i.e. the antenna and cable running from it. Damage due to extreme weather conditions are covered by MaruCom and equipment will be replaced or repaired as reasonably possible. Damage caused to the company´s equipment due to structural defects in the property or other such events that would be covered by the client´s insurance will be claimed from that insurance by MaruCom and repair or replacement will still take place as soon as possible.
  6. The client is responsible for ensuring any building work, cleaning or maintenance does not interfere with or damage the installation.
  7. In the event that the client wishes to terminate their contract, the antenna, cable and any external fixtures should be returned to MaruCom.
  8. MaruCom will inform the client of any works that need to be carried out and will always require permission from the client to enter their premises.
  9. Disputes in regard to this disclaimer will be dealt with in the first instance by the local courts.

Contract and payment terms and conditions

  1. A contract will be signed by the client and by a representative of MaruCom.
  2. The signing of this contract implies that the client has understood the contents of the ‘disclaimer’, ‘contract and payment terms and conditions’ and ‘fair use policy’.
  3. Cancellation of the contract should be given in writing to with full details of the client including their contract number. Any other form of notification i.e by telephone is not accepted.
  4. Notification of cancellation of the contract must take place on or before the first day of the month. Cancellation will then take place on the first day of the following month. Notification received after the first day will mean that cancellation will take place two months later.
  5. The antenna will be recovered by MaruCom at a mutually convenient time. If the client is not able or willing to grant access to their premises for the purpose of removal, the client is obliged to return the antenna to MaruCom in a reasonable state.
  6. Antennas not recovered will be charged to the client. This charge is € 100,00 and reflects the cost to us to replace this antenna in our stock.
  7. MaruCom uses the services of a debt collection facility and any unpaid amounts incurred by cancelled clients, including the cost of unrecovered company property, will be handled by them.
  8. Monthly payments are made in advance. This payment is for the provision of a service and is not a charge for consumption. Therefore, the use or otherwise of data from the internet has no bearing on the payment of a monthly fee.
  9. Depending on their circumstances, clients may request a payment date of either 5th, 10th or 15th of the month.
  10. Payments returned by the client´s bank will incur a charge of €10,00 which represents the amount charged to MaruCom by the bank. This charge will be added to the client´s account for that month.
  11. MaruCom will make every effort to inform clients if their payment has been returned. MaruCom will usually notify a client by email, text, watsapp or by phone and will help to resolve the problem with the client.
  12. In the event that accounts remain unpaid by day 15 of the following month, MaruCom reserves the right to suspend service to the client.

‘Fair Use Policy’

MaruCom operates a ‘fair use’ policy. Clients are expected to use the service for normal activities. Abuse of the MaruCom network or its infrastructure by means of excessive usage, illegal usage or incitement to commit illegal acts are not allowed and if such acts are prosecutable, they will be reported to the responsible authorities.

Characteristics of network infrastructure

The internet and network usage in general is like any other infrastructure whereby peaks in demand may cause saturation of a network resulting in fluctuations in speed. Growing demand accompanied by evolving technology will increase the likelihood of network saturation but MaruCom will do everything reasonably and economically possible to keep ahead of this possibility.

In common with all internet providers, contractual speeds are the maximum speeds achievable. A general guide line is the 80/80 rule which means 80% of the time client should expect to see at least 80% of the contractual maximum speed. If a client is dissatisfied with the speeds achieved, they may at any time, ask for a review of their service to see if it can be improved. If contractual agreed speeds cannot be achieved within the mentioned guide lines, MaruCom will offer the client a lower contract until such time that the originally contracted speeds can be restored.

Contractual speeds are measured with a cable connected to a PC or laptop. Clients can perform their own test and send results to Reliable and accepted speed tests can be made at

Speeds of internet usage in general are influenced by many factors. All factors listed below will have an impact on the performance of the client´s internet connection.

  1. The client’s device. Please remember that any internet connection is only as good as the device that it is connected to. If a device is old, poorly maintained or defective in any way, the result will be a poor internet experience.
  2. The number of devices connected to a wifi router. This will influence the speeds achieved by each device depending on the amount of bandwidth each device is consuming. A basic wifi router will have a negative impact on internet speed if it is put under a heavy load. Wifi routers can also experience interference from other wifi routers operating on the same radio spectrum. MaruCom can advise if this is the case and help the client to try and avoid this.
  3. Usage. Some type of internet usage produce heavy download or upload data streams. This can even happen without the knowledge of the client. A wireless network carries traffic in only one direction meaning that heavy upload streams from P2P traffic, torrent, spam bot traffic, Trojans etc. can bring download speeds to unworkable levels.
  4. Contracts type. Clients with contracts with lower speed levels cannot expect all services available on the internet to work as promised by content provider. Some services are also limited to national use and therefore are not available to all clients.
  5. Cables, connectors and antenna. These will all have an impact on performance. Network cables should never run side by side with electric cables. Connectors and connections should be maintained free of dirt and should fit properly into wifi routers and other cable connected devices. Cables should never be bent, cut, broken or chewed on by pets. Cables and equipment attached to those cables should always be kept out of reach of children.
  6. Antenna and its signal. In the event of antenna failure, replacement and/or repair is the responsibility of MaruCom.
  7. The internet in general. This can be subject to saturation and incidents at times. MaruCom has no control of this.
  8. Name servers and content servers (and their networks). These are the actual services that deliver content over the internet to the user and again these systems can be saturated at times and are subject to incidents that can bring service down to undesirable levels.
  9. MaruCom makes use of ‘Open DNS’ name servers. This means that all DNS requests i.e “what is the IP address of” are handled by cache servers located in almost every country in the world. This improves browsing speeds in comparison with an operators own name server and also filters illegal or unwanted content. At times it might be possible that a client will be presented with an alert from such a service server regarding the unavailability of a certain internet service.
  10. MaruCom does not run e-mail servers on behalf of its clients. Due to widely available web-based mail servers such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Google mail, we choose not to offer these in order to keep our tariffs at the lowest rates. All web-based mail services are allowed by MaruCom. Clients have access to smtp and pop3 clients using 3rd party e-mail servers. Some authentication may have to be introduced for Outlook or similar but MaruCom can arrange this with the client.
  11. MaruCom does not run web or content servers on behalf of its clients. Again, this is an economic consideration allowing us to keep our tariffs low.
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